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Business Leases

Whether you are looking to take on an existing lease from a tenant, take a brand new lease from the landlord, surrender your current lease, assign/transfer your existing lease to a new tenant, or grant a new lease or sub-lease, we are ready to assist. It may not be your home but we understand that your business premises are just as important and that therefore it is crucial that, whatever you are doing, it is done efficiently and with solid advice. We understand that navigating through the complex of world of Landlord and Tenant legislation is not easy, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, which is why we promise to deal with you in layman's terms and give straight forward, to the point advice, to help you achieve the best possible deal for you.

Whether you would like us to act on your behalf from start to finish or whether you just require a lease report on a lease you intend to take on, we are very happy to assist. We understand that most modern commercial leases for even small high-street premises span at least 20 pages and therefore we pride ourselves at being able to summarise the key terms of your lease and any ancillary documents in layman's terms and using considerably less words!

If your business lease matter also involves the sale/purchase of a business then our professional team can also deal with this for you as part of the same matter.

Please contact either Crispin Easter or Laura Maltby to arrange an appointment to discuss your matter further but in the meantime, it may help you to consider your replies to the points below to help you to structure your initial contact with us.

Information we will require to progress your matter:

  1. Name and address of the other party/parties to the transaction to enable us to carry out a conflict search.
  2. Whether you are acting in your individual name or company name.
  3. Name of the solicitor(s) acting for all parties in the transaction.
  4. Name and address of the agent (if applicable).
  5. Whether this is a lease surrender, lease assignment or the grant of a new lease.
  6. Whether there is a business being sold/bought as well.
  7. If assigning an existing lease, whether the landlord's consent to the new tenant has been sought.
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