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Our property team are experienced with all landlord and tenant matters in both the domestic and commercial sectors. We can help with:

Domestic Leases

Commercial Leases

Commercial leases are different in design compared to residential leases. Their purpose is to give both the landlord and tenant an operating environment in which business may be conducted.

It is extremely important that legal advice is taken when any contract such as commercial lease agreements are being drafted. The terms and conditions need to be clearly defined and understandable by both parties. If they are not clearly understandable then the agreement may not be enforced in a court of law. The person entering into the contract must understand the terms and agree to them before the contract can be deemed legally binding.

Commercial lease agreements should be afforded extra caution on the part of the tenant. Any terms and conditions that are unclear or look unfavourably balanced towards the landlord should be clarified with legal advice. Never sign any contract until all the terms and conditions have been understood and agreed upon.

We can help with:

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