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Property Finance and Securitisation

Whether you are re-mortgaging a single commercial property, taking out new finance to fund a development or standing as guarantor for a company, our commercial team can assist with all types of finance transactions including providing independent legal advice to guarantors and other third parties. Commercial lenders are usually represented by their own solicitor who will require the same investigations and searches as if you were purchasing the property all over again. Our experienced team is well versed in commercial lending requirements and can guide you through the process in a straightforward manner.

We also understand that most loan documents span at least 30 pages and therefore we pride ourselves at being able to summarise the key terms of your loan documents in layman's terms and using considerably less words!

Please contact either Crispin Easter or Laura Maltby to arrange an appointment to discuss your matter further but in the meantime, it may help you to consider your replies to the points below to help you to structure your initial contact with us.

Information we will require to progress your matter:

  1. Name and address of lender and their solicitor (if the lender is separately represented).
  2. Name and address of your broker/relationship manager.
  3. Whether you are acting in your individual name or company name and if the latter, whether you have agreed to act as guarantor.
  4. Whether the loan is required to fund a development on already purchased land or whether it is for land/property to be acquired.
  5. Whether there will be any 3rd party guarantors.
  6. Whether a survey has already been carried out and a Facility Offer issued.
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